The Director of ATLANTA and THIS IS AMERICA is Helming a New Sci-Fi Thriller Called MAN ALIVE

Hiro Murai, the director of Donald Glover's Atlanta and the recent hit music video for This Is America, is in talks to helm his first feature film. The film is a sci-fi thriller called Man Alive and it's set up at 20th Century Fox.

Man Alive covers the events following the invasion of earth by an alien species, when a man faced with isolation and loneliness in order to survive realizes he might not be alone after all. 

Noah Hawley (Legion) is set to produce and the script for the film was originally written by Joe Greenberg and is currently going through a rewrite by David Robert Mitchell (It Follows). 

Murai also has directed episodes of Bill Hader's fantastic HBO series Barry along with episodes of FX’s Legion and Snowfall

The guy has worked on some great TV series and it's cool to see that he's going to get a shot at directing a movie. I hope that it turns out great for him!

Source: Deadline

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