The Director of VENOM Teases a Possible Unrated Version and Post-Credits Scene


Last week it was announced that Venom was slapped with a PG-13 rating and fans were not happy. After director Ruben Fleischer teased that they were going for an R-rating, and then to see it get a PG-13 rating was a bummer. It’s been said that the reason for the PG-13 rating was in hopes that Marvel Studios might let the Venom character play with Spider-Man and other characters in the MCU.

But we may get an unrated version of Venom when it’s released on home entertainment. When asked by Fandango if there was a possibility of that, he said:

 "I wouldn't rule anything out. We'll have to see where it lands, I guess, but I wouldn't rule anything out." 

Just like he didn’t rule out the R-rating in the first place? That’s a vague response, but at least it leaves the door open for a darker, more sinister version of the film. The thing is… if no one likes the first movie, who’s going to care anyway?

The director also says that audiences should stick around for a post-credits scenes, saying:

"I think it would be a mistake of any superhero movie not to stay through the credits."

There’s no information on what the post-credits scene will entail, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up teasing Carnage. That seems like it would be the best place to introduce the character.

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