The Directors of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Wipe Their Social Media Accounts Clean... Except For One Video

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have done something really interesting. Leading up to the release of the film, they've wiped all of their social media accounts clean of content and only left fans with one single video that features a little footage of Thanos with the caption, "Thanos is coming." 

The video appears on their official Instagram account, their official Twitter page and their Facebook page. Every other thing that they have ever posted has seemingly been deleted.

I have no idea why they did this, but I assume it was for dramatic effect as the movie is about to come out. And obviously, Thanos is going to have a huge presence in this film and we've heard time and time again that the MCU will never be the same after this. They are obviously making a statement regarding this film, and when you all see the movie, you'll probably have a better understanding of why they did this. 

What are your thoughts on why the Russo Bros. cleared their accounts and posted this video?

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