THE DOWN RIVER PEOPLE Is a New Graphic Novel Horror Thriller About a Bootlegger Who Learns Dark Secrets About His Family

Writer Adam Smith and artist Matt Fox are teaming up again after their successful Long Walk to Valhalla. Their new work is an original graphic novel called The Down River People about a man trying to survive in a family with criminal ties.

Myers Carpenter is a bootlegger who just inherited his family’s bar, The Flatbed. Unsure of whether or not he even wants to keep the famous speakeasy, Myers is forced to find a new booze supplier when he burns his bridges at his long-time source in Mississippi. The only option he can turn to is his estranged mother—a woman he hasn’t seen since he was a young boy—now running a fishing lodge for the wealthy; and a half sister he knew nothing about. As Myers becomes more entangled in the lives of his newfound family, he begins to learn the secrets of the lodge and the dark cult thriving just under the surface of wealth and opulence.

Talking about the novel, Smith said:

THE DOWN RIVER PEOPLE is a book that’s hard to compartmentalize: it’s steeped in the horror and thriller genres while still being the most personal book I’ve written so far. It’s a story about coming to terms with who you are and what you’re afraid you could be. I couldn’t have a better partner in tackling those themes and ideas than Matt Fox and I’m elated to see the book we’ve made together out in the wild.

Meanwhile, Fox talked about his excitement for the book:

This is the book we’ve wanted to make for a long time now. It’s been exciting to dip my toes in the horror and thriller genres, and I can’t wait to get it into readers hands.

BOOM! Studios’ Archaia imprint is publishing The Down River People, which will be available in July 2020.

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