The DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cartoon Gets an Incredible Live-Action Remake Far a Car Commercial


A Brazilian car commercial for Renault has made an odd choice. They did a live-action remake of the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon in there. The commercial starts with the live-action versions of the cartoon’s characters fighting a dragon in a pretty cool sequence and then the Dungeon Master shows up in a Kwid Outsider that the group is able to drive through a magic portal and end up in the real world at a fair.

Dungeons & Dragons originally aired from 1983-1985 on CBS and centered around a group of children from the real world who were teleported into the world of the game after climbing aboard an amusement park ride. The kids were given magical weapons by the Dungeon Master and began their quest to return home, facing the corrupted Venger (who is in actuality the Dungeon Master’s son) and other threats during their journey.

Based on the description above, there’s a lot of detail in this car commercial for the characters and their abilities. I know D&D’s popularity was on the rise, but I never thought it’d be used to sell cars.

Do you have fond memories of watching the D&D cartoon series or is your only experience playing the game?

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