The Epic Stunt Henry Cavill Wasn't Allowed To Do in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT Because He Would've Killed Tom Cruise

The Mission: Impossible franchise has gained a reputation for the crazy real-life death-defying stunts that Tom Cruise likes to do all by himself. He also tends to drag the other actors into these stunts as well. However, there was one stunt in Mission: Impossible - Fallout that Henry Cavill wasn't allowed to do because it was so dangerous there was a chance that he could've killed Tom Cruise in the process.

Cavill recently told Good Morning America that they stunt was the HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) jump out of a plane from 30,000 feet. This is the same stunt that Tom Cruise ended up pulling off. I initially thought that Cavill did do the stunt, but I guess not. When talking about why he wasn't able to do it, Cavill explained:

"Tom eventually said to me, 'I understand what you're saying. I'd love for you to do it, but if you do, the chances are you will kill me and everyone else in the process'."

And that's the sad story of how Henry Cavill wasn’t allowed to jump from 30,000 feet and Tom Cruise was. Hey, at least Cavill was down to do it and at least pushed for the opportunity.

Via: Digital Spy

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