THE EXORCIST Director Slams Idea of a Remake, and Now It's No Longer Happening

Last week, word came out that Morgan Creek Productions would be selling off its library of films and the company planned on remaking The Exorcist, Ace Ventura, and Major League. While the latter two still may happen, it seems like The Exorcist remake is thankfully dead before it even got going. Original director William Friedkin understandably wasn't thrilled about the news of a remake of his horror classic:

But then Morgan Creek responded, saying "Despite what was printed," they'd "NEVER EVER" try to remake Friedkin's movie. But this isn't a situation in which a quote was taken out of context or a rumor was conjured out of thin air; Morgan Creek's CEO specifically told Deadline that ideas were being developed for sequels. Uh, OK then. I guess the important thing is that a remake of The Exorcist isn't happening after all. It seems like it's all water under the bridge now and the two sides have made up:

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