The Finalizer Star Destroyer in THE FORCE AWAKENS Uses the Same Power as Lightsabers

The Finalizer is the name of the epically huge new version of the Star Destroyer for the First Order. This is the flagship that both General Hux and Kylo Ren travel around the galaxy in causing chaos. 

There’s a very intriguing bit of information that has been revealed regarding this thing that is sure to interest Star Wars fans. The following information comes directly from's official database, and it offers us some insight into the weaponry being used by the First Order on The Finalizer. Here’s the description:

The powerful flagship shared by General Hux and Kylo Ren, the dagger-shaped Finalizer is nearly twice the length of an Imperial-era Star Destroyer. The first of the new Resurgent class constructed in violation of treaties with the New Republic, the Finalizer’s heavy weapons are augmented by two starfighter wings, a hundred assault craft and a full legion of stormtroopers. Her turbolasers are more powerful and faster to recharge than Imperial-era weapons, a product of kyber crystals harvested in the Unknown Regions.

How crazy is it that their turbolasers are powered by kyber crystals?! I'm sure you all know what those are, but just in case, traditionally, those crystals are attuned to the force and they are used for only one purpose… to power lightsabers. That power is now being used by the First Order and the Dark Side to power their deadly laser blasters?! That’s pretty damn awesome, and at the same time, it's kinda disturbing. 

It makes me wonder if kyber crystals were also used to help power the weapon on Starkiller Base. I have to say that giant red laser blast used to destroy planets sure did look like lightsaber blade reaching across space. There’s nothing said of that in the official description, though.

The information also tells us that the crystals were "harvested in the Unknown Regions” of the galaxy. This means that the First Order and Dark Side is using naturally grown kyber crystals. The red crystals used to power their lightsabers in the stories are traditionally synthetic. 

I just thought this was a really cool little bit of information that the rest of you Star Wars fans might appreciate.

Via: ComicBook

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