The First Footage From STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Has Screened and Here's What Was Shown

Lucasfilm has yet to release any official footage from J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode IX for the fans to see, hell, they haven’t even revealed the title of the movie yet! But, the first Episode IX footage was screened today to a select group of people during a Disney shareholder presentation.

Thanks to a Twitter user named Scott Ladewig, an IT professional, we have a description of the footage that he saw. When asked if the footage he saw was a behind-the-scenes look or if it had actual scenes from the film, he said:

He then went on to offer the following description of some of the scenes that he saw in the footage:

When someone asked by someone if there was any footage of the Knights of Ren, Ladewig said that there was nothing like that.

I imagine the first trailer for the film is coming soon. After all, the movie is supposed to be released in only nine months on December 20th, 2019. It’ll be interesting and cool to see this footage for ourselves. I’m really curious to see what Abrams has planned for this movie.

Abrams has said that he hopes his film will satisfy fans, but we all know that not everyone is going to be satisfied. It would be a miracle if he managed to make a film that all Star Wars fans loved!

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