The First Gameplay Trailer for POWER RANGERS: BATTLE FOR THE GRID Has Launched

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was recently announced and people can’t stop talking about it. That’s not just because we’re really excited though. nWay has been doing a great job of providing plenty to talk about. We finally have our first gameplay trailer and it looks great, except for one thing. Check out the trailer and then we’ll talk.

You’ll notice that the game seems to freeze after every hit. This is called hitstop and is supposed to be a tool to help make certain things more impactful and dramatic. Unfortunately, in the gameplay trailer, the hitstop is huge after every single hit which makes the game feel extremely choppy. Before you start yelling in the comments though, nWay is aware of this as several fans have voiced their complaints on social media and they have responded thusly:

I’m a little shocked that the game is still considered in pre-alpha stage when it’s supposed to launch this April. That being said, I’m still excited for Battle for the Grid and this gameplay trailer really showcases how it’ll be similar to games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs Capcom.

Battle for the Grid will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and you can pre-order it now for as low as $19.99.

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