The First Name of STAR WARS Villain Emperor Palpatine Finally Revealed

Ever since his introduction in The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, we've only known the puppet-master villain as Emperor Palpatine, Senator, Chancellor,  and his Sith title Darth Sidious. I've never really thought of the guy having a first name because why would an Emperor or Sith need a first name? Well, he does and it was revealed in the upcoming Star Wars novel Tarkin, which was written by James Luceno. That name has now leaked out on a Wookieepedia update on Palpatine stating that the new name is listed on page 93 of Tarkin. They must have got themselves an advance copy.

So I'm sure you're all dying to know what it is! His name is…. Sheev.

Sheev Palpatine?! That's kind of anti-climatic don't you think? There is really nothing menacing about the name Sheev. I guess it's not the most ridiculous name in the Star Wars universe, I was just expecting a name that might strike fear into the hearts of Jedi. No wonder he took on the Sith name Darth Sidious! 

What do you think of the name Sheev? Will anyone be naming their kids this anytime soon? 

Via: Star Wars Underworld

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