The First Reactions To AVENGERS: ENDGAME Have Hit Social Media and It Looks Like We'll Need a Box of Tissues

Last night was the big premiere for Avengers: Endgame, and after it ended social media was flooding with buzz about the film and how great of it movie it was!

Look, we all know the movie is going to be freakin’ amazing. I don’t think these reactions are going to surprise any of you, but maybe they’ll get you just a little more pumped up about seeing the movie this weekend!

Just so you know, these reactions are completely spoiler free, and as you’ll see, it was an overwhelming emotional experience for a lot of fans and critics who were lucky enough to attend the premiere. I guess we better make sure to bring a box of tissues with us when we go see this movie!

Avengers: Endgame opens up in theaters this weekend, and there’s no doubt the film is going to explode at the box office. This could very well end up being one of the greatest cinematic events in history.

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