The First Reactions To VENOM Are in and It's Compared To CATWOMAN and FANTASTIC FOUR

Movie VenomTom Hardy by Joey Paur

The first social media reactions to Venom have arrived from critics who have seen it. As you might have expected, the reviews aren’t very good. In fact, the movie is compared to previously made superhero duds like Catwoman and Fantastic Four, which doesn’t spark much confidence. However, there are a few critics that did find some things that they liked about it. But, for the most part, the reactions are more negative.

I hoped that this wouldn’t be the case! I really did want this movie to turn out better than I expected, but it looks like it’s not going to give us a great movie. I’ll still see it, though, and form my own opinion. Maybe it will at least have some fun an enjoyable moments.

Read through the Twitter reactions below and let us know if you’ll still be going out to see Venom when it comes out this weekend.

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