The First Trailer for HBO's HIS DARK MATERIALS Has Me Squeeing Like a Fangirl


After getting married, my wife introduced me to Philip Pullman’s book series His Dark Materials, and I am glad she did. The books are done so well with intriguing stories and fun characters, and it leads to a lot of thinking. I highly recommend reading the three books.

That being said, HBO and BBC are bringing us a new adaptation after the movie didn’t do so well back in 2007. The big change is that it’s now a mini series instead of a film which should lend itself better to getting all the major points. I’m really excited because a trailer has finally dropped, and it makes me so happy.

I’m very intrigued to see how James McAvoy portrays Lord Asriel, I’m not completely sold on Ruth Wilson as Ms. Coulter although I think I’ll like her more as I watch the show, and I’m still utterly sad about Lin-Manuel Miranda playing Lee Scoresby.

I have so many thoughts about that casting and to sum it up, say what you will about the film, but the casting of Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel and Sam Elliott as Lee Scoresby were spot on. Also, please tell me that they’re getting Keith David to voice Iorek. Enjoy the trailer below.

His Dark Materials does not have a release date yet.

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