The First Trailer For The New HALLOWEEN Film Premiered at CinemaCon and It Was Terrifying

During Universal Picture's big movie presentation, Jamie Lee Curtis came out on stage to present the very first trailer for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's new Halloween film. Before she did, though, she promised that the movie would "scare the living shit out of all of you!"

Then the footage screened, and you know what? It was absolutely terrifying! I know that there were reports of the movie having bad test screenings, but if the movie actually turns out the way it was presented in this trailer, then I think horror fans are going to love it!

In the footage, we see a couple of filmmakers who set out on a journey to investigate the events of Halloween night in 1978. The night where a bunch of teenagers were killed by a masked man. Well, forty years later, that masked man is in a mental hospital, where Laurie Strode has been trying to keep him locked away after all these years. In fact, we learn that Laurie has told her daughter and granddaughter that Michael Meyers is not her brother. She has told them that there was no truth to that rumor. You also have to remember that this movie is set after the events of the very first film. 

Anyway, these filmmakers arrive at the hospital where Michael Myers has been locked up this whole time. They actually approach him in what seems to be the yard where prisoners get exercise. There are several patients in this area and each one chained up in a little boxed off areas. Michael's back is to one of these filmmaker characters, and that character pulls out the iconic mask out of his bag and holds it up to Michael and asks it means anything to him. 

Michael doesn't move. He doesn't say anything, but all of the other patients in the yards start to go crazy and they start to scream and lash out like the madmen that they are. The footage then cuts to Laurie's granddaughter talking to her friends about the legendary story of her grandma.

At one point Laurie is talking to a police officer and she tells him that she has prayed that Michael Myers would escape from the mental hospital, so she could kill him. Over the past forty years, she has been preparing for the moment and we see her doing a little target practice in the woods on some dummies. 

And then, of course, Michael Meyers escapes when a bus transferring him and some other patients crashes on the highway. After that... all hell breaks loose. He approaches a woman in a gas station bathroom and while she is in the stall he lifts his hand over the door and drops a bunch of bloody teeth on the floor from his previous kill. I believe this woman is one of the filmmakers because after he brutally kills her, he takes the mask out of a bag she had and puts it on.

Then the Halloween music starts to play as we see various shots from the town on Halloween night. Michael Meyers is out stalking the streets and as Laurie is trying to rush the kids to get home for the night, she spots Michael through a window and pulls out a gun and shoots at him. The window shatters and we see it was only a reflection. 

Laurie Strode wanted Michael Meyers to escape so she could kill him, and now that her wish has been granted, she may regret it. 

Laurie ends up meeting one of the filmmakers at some point tells him that if they don't believe in the boogeyman, he should.

The trailer ends with a babysitter putting a little kid to bed. The closet door is open in the room and when she goes to shut it, it won't close. She tries two or three more times before she opens the door wide to Michael Meyers standing there in all his glory as he raises a butcher knife to kill her and then the trailer ends.

The trailer definitely gave me the chills and got me excited for what this movie has to offer. 

When talking about the film, Jamie Lee Curtis said:

"I first played Laurie Strode when I was 19-years-old. We had no money when we made Halloween. Even the Michael Myers mask was originally a William Shatner costume mask picked up at a local store. What they created would come to stand as an unyielding, sustaining influence in the canon of horror. It is still terrifying in its simplicity.
"So, now, as 59-year-old woman, when they came to me... I heard what they were thinking and I immediately said yes. Except for Star Wars, I can't think of another movie where the same actor is playing the same part 40 years later! And that, in and of itself, is worth celebrating! So, John Carpenter is back as a producer and a creative godfather in the film. Jason Blum, the king of the genre, has enthusiasm like a virus. I mean, like a good virus, not the piece of s--- Virus I made in the '90's. This movie is hella scary! I just used a young person word and I'm almost 60! It is hella scary and they included this wonderful modern trope of true crime documentaries that we're all watching on our streaming channels, who return to Haddonfield, to pair with Laurie, her adult daughter, her teenage granddaughter, on Halloween night, 40 years later. It's old school meets new school. Laurie is turned into a warrior and it's gonna scare the living s--- out of all of you!"

Hopefully, they release this trailer soon so you all get to see it for yourself! Halloween is set to hit theaters on October 19th.

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