THE FLASH — Cancelled Game Combat Footage

Comic Book Movie's NailBiter111 got ahold of game footage from a cancelled The Flash video game. The video features an early test to figure out how the combat might work. Greg Miller, lead designer on the game, sent CBM the footage and the following statement.

Miller on the game:

This was a very early test of the direction we were thinking of taking running combat. We were shooting for the old school feel of the “Road Rash” series where you could punch and pummel your opponent until you got him to wipe out. Our main difference was that you could assign a controller button to an opponent and this would allow you to bounce back and forth between multiple running foes. The bad guys were going to be Cadmus experiments into super speed who would terrorize Flash from time to time when he raced across the long city expressways. This video shows maybe about a weeks’ worth of work put into the system. It was only just coming online. We got a bit more work done on it before we closed down and we were starting to get some really amazing wipe outs happening but unfortunately I didn’t capture any of that. Regardless, it’s a nice little taste of what could have been.

I really like the light trail effect and the seemingly constant sonic booms as The Flash moves faster and faster. This would have made for a great Xbox marketplace game with its fun arcade action.

To see what Miller is working on now, check out the free to play iOS game Monster Rift.

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