The GAMBIT, X-FORCE, and DOCTOR DOOM Movies Are All Dead at FOX

I’ve got some discouraging Marvel movie news for you today. As you know, Fox has been developing films for Gambit, X-Force, and Doctor Doom for quite awhile, but according to a recent report… those movies are all dead thanks to the upcoming Fox and Disney merger.

Gambit and Doctor Doom aren’t that surprising to learn about, but X-Force!? That’s a big surprise because Deadpool has been such a successful film franchise!

The initial report came from comic book movie scooper Daniel Richtman, who tweeted out the following:

As for the X-Force news, creator Rob Liefeld confirmed on Twitter that it was also killed off:

That’s a bummer to hear. I was really excited about X-Force. It was developed by director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Bad Times at the El Royale) and I’m sure he would have done something awesome with it!

Gambit has been on a long hard road through development. It was supposed to start shooting in February, but obviously that’s not gonna happen.

Doctor Doom could’ve been a great flick as it was being developed by Fargo and Legion series creator, Noah Hawley.

What do you think about FOX cancelling these movies? Do you think Disney and Marvel will eventually try to resurrect them and try again?

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