The GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Revisited as Adults 30 Years Later in Fan Art

If you grew up in the late '80s, then I'm sure you're familiar with the disturbingly awesome Garbage Pail Kids trading cards/stickers. I had a huge collection of these things at one point that filled up two shoeboxes. I'm sad to say that my mom ended up throwing them away sometime during my high school years.

I was a huge fan of these things because I thought they were hilarious. They were created as a Cabbage Patch Kids parody with a grotesquely dark twist.  Each card featured a Garbage Pail Kid character, and they had some kind of jacked-up deformity or were portrayed being killed off in some absurd way.

As a tribute to the series, Bruton Stroube Studios created a series of art that revisits some of these Garbage Pail Kids characters as adults thirty years later. The results are fantastically funny!

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