The Ghostbusters Are Penguin-Hunting Kidnappers in New Anime

Now here's something you don't see every day. A Japanese anime called Tokyo ESP has brought in the Ghostbusters to be a group of penguin-hunting kidnapper villains in on the episodes. 

The series centers on a teenage girl who has the power to pass through solid objects and a teenage boy who has the power to teleport. Together the two become superheroes, and I would have never expected the Ghostbusters to show up as villains!

So why are the Ghostbusters hunting penguins? The people in the story gain their superpowers from flying, glowing fish that swim through their bodies. These fish are being pursued by a flying penguin. They want to catch the penguin so they can sell it for cash. 

It's completely random, but very entertaining stuff. If you want to watch the series you can check it out over on Hulu. I've included some fun gifs from the episode thanks to Kotaku. The characters are never actually referred to as "Ghostbusters" in the series, and their individual names are ever used, but they are clearly Ghostbusters.