The Granddaughter of Jack Torrance, Abra Stone, Has Been Cast in THE SHINING Sequel DOCTOR SLEEP

A young actress by the name of Kyliegh Curran has been cast in the role of Abra Stone in director Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's Shining sequel Doctor Sleep.


Abra is a major character in the story. She is the granddaughter of Jack Torrance and the niece of Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor). She becomes the main target of Rose the Hat (Rebecca Ferguson) and the True Knot because of the powerful psychic abilities that she has. Here are some additional details on the character:

Abra was born with a very powerful psychic abilities, like her uncle Dan. Her abilities are even greater than Dan's were at his peak, to the point where she was able to generate a small earthquake with her mind. She physically meets Dan in her teenage years, though she begins psychically communicating with him almost from the moment she was born. 

She ends up working together with her family, Danny, and his friends, to try and stop True Knot. Doctor Sleep takes place several years after the events that took place at the Overlook Hotel. It focuses on Jack's son Danny who is now a middle-aged man. He is still traumatized by what happened at the hotel all those years ago, and he throughout his life has had to deal with anger management and alcoholism issues. However, in an effort to get his life back together, he gives up drinking and settles down in a small town in New Hampshire. It is at this point in his life where his psychic abilities start to resurface and he develops a psychic link with Abra Stone whose life is being threatened by the True Knot, who are a tribe of paranormals that suck the energy from people. 

Curran ended up beating out 800 other young girls for the part of Abra, so she must be talented! She is best known for her work on Broadway playing the young Nala in The Lion King. She also starred in the independent film I Can I Will I Did.

Doctor Sleep is set to hit theatres in January of 2020.

Source: Deadline

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