THE GREASEMONKEY'S HANDBOOK Is Great If You Want to Add Mechs to Your D&D Game


Several months ago, I learned about The Greasemonkey’s Handbook which is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons supplement to bring mechs into your games. I was recently gifted a copy of the book by one of the authors, Vall Syrene. I am impressed with what I see. My first impressions are that there’s a lot of material, and I don’t know how to really fit it into a more traditional fantasy setting. However, if you’re willing to play around with your setting, this could be a fun tool for some. Heck, I was getting ideas for a future campaign after more Eberron material releases.

That’s right, I think The Greasemonkey’s Handbook isn’t that well suited (although certainly usable) in traditional high fantasy settings, but rather settings like Eberron or if you run a sci-fi campaign using the D&D 5E ruleset.

Syrene and co-creator Mogman Dubloon have really thought things out though with this supplement. They’ve figured out how to have upgrades, how repairs work, and how armor and all the things needed to craft and pilot a mech work. This is well thought out. Also, just because your players are piloting the mechs doesn’t mean they’re completely safe from harm. They may still have to roll saving throws or take damage for other reasons. Maybe a module ends up blowing up in their face.

In addition to the handbook though, you’ll also get a digital folder complete with maps you can use as well as a fillable character sheet PDF for the mechs your characters create including a few sample ones. The maps are useful for any DM and come with a grid and without a grid depending on what you need and how you use them.

The Greasemonkey’s Handbook isn’t for everyone though. Some even believe that the idea makes the game no longer D&D. However, if you like mechs and want to find some way to incorporate them into your campaign, I cannot recommend this book enough. You can purchase it from the DMs Guild for $9.99 (currently on sale for $8.49),

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