The Highest Grossing Franchise of All Time is POKEMON

If I were to guess what the highest grossing franchise ever was, I would guess The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Marvel, or Star Wars. Only one of those is in the top 3 and two of them are in the top 5.

Pokemon is the king of franchises right now sitting at roughly $59.1 billion. Number 2? Star Wars with a whopping $42.9 billion.

This is especially shocking when you take into account the years since they started. Star Wars began back in 1977 with a movie that would later be called A New Hope. Pokemon started 19 years later in 1996 with the video games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green.

Of course, when you break things down, you assume a lot of the revenue for Pokemon comes from the trading card game, Pokemon GO, and the countless movies and TV shows. However, it’s mostly from the video games and merchandise which make up roughly $48.5 billion which still beats out all the money Star Wars makes from everything.

What franchise did you think was number one?

Source: CB

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