The History of San Diego Comic-Con - Video Presentation

GeekTyrant is here in San Diego again for Comic-Con, and it's an event we're always excited to be covering. I love coming to Comic-Con, and it's been really cool seeing how much it has grown over the years. It first started in 1970, and it has grown into an unbelievably huge geek event. Who would have thought that it would get this big? Especially when you look at that photo above of that crazy big crowd trying to get into the con. 

Here's a great video presentation by Super Comic Fun Time that gives us a little history on San Diego Comic-Con and its humble beginnings. 

What started as a small sci-fi convention for a group of fans has grown into the pop culture event of the year, influencing every form of entertainment and drawing in over 130,000 attendees. So where did this cultural phenomenon begin? Check out this video to see how this event transformed over the years from a small basement to a massive & epic four day event!