The Hulk Vs. One Punch Man in This Action-Packed Fan-Made Animated Short


If you've ever wanted to see what a fight between The Hulk and One Punch Man would look like, I've got an extremely fun and action-packed fan-made animated short film for you to watch. It's called Hulk Vs. Saitama and it was created by Zimaut Animation.

The short comes in multiple parts. The first part follows Bruce Banner as he travels abroad. While on his journey "he stumbles upon a strong creature in Z City. Inevitably he gives into his anger and turns into The Hulk. Losing control of himself. Now, it's up to Saitama, the Bald Caped Hero to tame the green beast." The second part is basically the main event! Saitama's has only fueled Hulk's anger and things get crazy.

The second part ends on a cliffhanger so we'll have to wait for the third part of the fight to see how it comes to an end. This thing turned out to be really fun so I hope you enjoy it!

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