The STAR WARS Imperial March Score in a Major Key Sings of Triumph


When you hear Darth Vader’s theme, “The Imperial March,” what are your thoughts? Impending doom? Oh crap? Is someone about to be choked? Those are all very reasonable thoughts. It is a powerful song that immediately tells you, “crap is about to happen and someone is going to die.” However, what if it was written in a major key instead of a minor key? You no longer have to think about it. Muted Vocal has transposed the song into a major key for you to listen to. It sounds triumphant and the theme of a hero, not the most menacing villain in the series. It almost works as a redemption song for Darth Vader as Muted Vocal named it. If it’s too happy for you, check out their transposition of the “Star Wars Theme” into a minor key. What’s your favorite song transposition?

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