THE IRON GIANT Director Brad Bird Has an Open Invitation to Direct a STAR WARS Movie

With Lucasfilm planning to make lots and lots of Star Wars films over the next several years, any talented director in Hollywood seems to have a shot at directing one if they want. Director Brad Bird recently revealed in an interview that he is one of those directors. In fact, it seems like he has an open invitation to direct something if he comes up with an idea that he wants to pitch to them.

While talking with Fandango to discuss Incredibles 2 he was asked about the possibility of taking on a Star Wars film project, and this is what he had to say on the matter:

“I’ve known Kathy Kennedy a long time. And I’ve known George [Lucas] quite a while too. And certainly, that’s a very fun universe and if I could think of something that would be perfect for that I would give Kathy a call, absolutely. They’ve sort of said if I have any notion that would fit in that universe to please contact them. I mean, I saw Kathy a week ago ’cause they were mixing Solo down the hall from us up here. So, I wouldn’t rule that out. But I also have a lot of other ideas I’m very anxious to do.”

Bird is the director of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Tomorrowland, and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. I'm a fan of Bird's film work and his storytelling style. I'd love to see him dive into the Star Wars Universe and see what kind of story he would tell. 

But, as you can see by his response, he doesn't seem to have the drive to make a Star Wars film at the moment. He's got some other things on his mind that he'd like to do first. Which is totally cool as well! If he has an original story he wants to develop into a film, I'd be just as excited for that. 

Would you like to see Brad Bird take on the challenge of making a Star Wars film?

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