THE IRON GIANT is Finally Being Released on Blu-ray!

Movie The Iron Giant by Joey Paur

Brad Bird's animated masterpiece The Iron Giant is finally coming to Blu-ray and it's about damn time! This is one of the best animated films ever made and for some reason the studio hasn't treated it like that. But, on September 6, 2016, it will finally get the proper home video release it deserves.

There are two versions that fans have the option of purchasing. The Iron Giant Blu-ray will be available as a regular “Signature Edition” and there will also be a “Ultimate Collector’s Edition,” which will come with an art book, Mondo art cards, and even a little statuette of the robot from outer space. 

Both versions will have the same special features, which include the theatrical cut of the film, the remastered and extended editions, a director’s commentary, and a making-of documentary called The Giant’s Dream, which is described as follows:

“The Giant’s Dream” is the dramatic story about a rare moment in movie history that allowed a first-time director to make one of the world’s greatest animated films, “The Iron Giant.” Using stylized animatics, archival footage, original concept art, and revealing interviews, The Giant’s Dreamcharts the incredible ups and downs, industry firsts, and amazing history behind this iconic film, and its rebel director, Brad Bird.

I'm incredibly excited about watching that "making of" doc. I love that kind of stuff. I'm also excited about watching the film in high definition! Here are the specs with everything that will be included:

  • “The Giant’s Dream” documentary NEW!
  • “The Iron Giant: Signature Edition” trailer
  • Theatrical version commentary by Brad Bird
  • Additional scenes, including alternate opening
  • Mini documentary segments
  • Teddy Newton The X Factor
  • Duck and Cover sequence
  • The Voice of the Giant
  • Motion Gallery
  • Brad Bird trailer

The regular Blu-ray will cost you $14.99 while the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will cost $74.99, which is well worth it for a fan like myself.

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