The IRON MAN Armor From Marvel's First Film Seems To Have Been Stolen

Movie Iron ManArmor by Joey Paur

Apparently, someone was too lazy to build their own Iron Man cosplay armor, so they hatched a plan to steal the original crimson and gold costume armor worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the original Iron Man film. According to CBS:

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Dept. said the head, chest, leg and arms of used in the 2008 movie were last seen at a storage facility in February and has been missing since April.

The costume is reportedly worth $320,000 and investigators feel that "the Marvel fervor seen over the past few years might have something to do with the disappearance."

The prop armor was located at a movie prop storage facility in Pacoima. When they went to check the space on Tuesday, they found that the suit was gone and called the police. I imagine this is some kind of inside job. There are no leads at the moment, though. 

I'm curious to see how this plays out. Whoever stole it either wants it for his collection of other stolen goods or he is looking to make some money off of it.

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