The Jim Henson Company Developing a KNIGHTS OF PANTERRA Series

I love The Jim Henson Company! They are best known for creating the films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. I think puppets are amazing and should be used more in good productions. Up in Canada, they are creating a live-action show based on Jeff Norton’s Dino Knights book series and The Jim Henson Company has partnered with Omnifilm Entertainment to make it happen.

The series will be called Knights of Panterra. Not going to lie, it makes me wish a little that I was in Canada. I know it’s set to be a kids’ series, but that doesn’t mean some of us wouldn’t enjoy it. Here’s a brief synopsis.

As evil descends on the small town of Brim, four ill-equipped teens facing impossible odds combine their unique skills to become freedom fighters and save their kingdom from ruthless invaders.

The Jim Henson company is also developing A Dark Crystal prequel series for Netflix called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It’s great to see that they are developing other projects and I’m excited to see what comes of this new Knights of Panterra series.

Source: THR

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