The Joker Beats The Hell Out of Robin in BATMAN V SUPERMAN Cosplay Photoshoot

You've gotta check out this incredible cosplay photoshoot that helps fill in the blanks about Robin's death in the DCEU universe that was hinted in Batman v Superman. This photoshoot shows The Joker beating the living hell out of Robin and then setting him on fire. It's definitely a brutal death and I wonder if we'll ever see a flashback of it play out on the big screen in one of these DCEU films that involve Batman.

The cosplay photoshoot comes from Crimson Coscrafts, who has this to say:

Duders and Duderettes, I am proud to present to you the Death in the Family photoshoot I had with the AMAZING Lucas Ambrosio Photography and Photographer - Daniel John Cotton Wall.
The Robin Suit in BvS has always been a bit of a mystery, there was no explanation to it, how it got there or what happened to the boy wonder. We hoped there would be some deleted scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, sadly nothing materialised. So here is hoping we find out in the Batman solo movie Mr Ben Affleck.
We decided to set to work to try and fill in some of the blanks that left everyone in the dark. With Myself as Robin and the awesome Stephen Doran as the Joker and the ever lovely Alicit Designs makeup and Facepainting on make up and gore, we set to bringing this Death to life! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did making them. Please give everyone a like and some love, as there was a lot of hard work gone into this.