The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD is Based on The Dark Knight Returns

One of most talked about things regarding David Ayer's Suicide Squad is how Jared Leto's Joker is going to be portrayed. We've previously heard that the character will be "Cerebral and Comedic" and a “Beautiful Disaster”. Now thanks to Latino-Review's El Mayimbe, we have some additional information on the character that I think you're going to like. According to him, this Joker is inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and below you can find the details he offers up. I should warn you though, there are SPOILERS: 

"So what I'm being told, Leto's Joker is most definitely based on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS version. He's lean & scarred but his suit does have broad shoulders. Joker works out in his cell like an inmate when he is interrogated by Amanda Waller. He's doing hand stand push ups so it makes sense that Jared Leto said he is putting on weight. He's definitely not skinny, but in fact more muscular. He has bleached skin not make up. 
"#SPOILER - He's killed one of Batman's sidekicks, there is a lot of references to his past crimes. He kills a lot of people.
"HUGE #RUMOR - I'm also told The Joker has a lot of scenes with HUGO STRANGE! He's the psychiatrist at the prison & seems to be a part of the story yet I heard nothing of casting or mention of a single casting choice. Hugo Strange has quite a few interactions with the Joker & Harley Quinn. It's not the regular security. It's internal one on one thing."

This really is going to be a different take on the villain than we've ever seen before, and I'm completely intrigued. I know this is all just a rumor for now, but it's hard not to get excited about seeing this character reimagined for the big screen again. The Joker is one of my all-time favorite villains, and I'm sure Leto is going to be insane in the role. What do you think of the information that was revealed here? 

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