The Joker's New Origin Explored in Video Breakdown

DC Comic's New 52 is starting to dive into certain elements regarding the Joker and his past. The Joker's history has always been kind of a mystery, but we are going to start to learn a little more about it in the Batman comic series. Batman #39 is said to include even more about his mysterious past than we already know.

Mr. Sunday Movies has released a video in which he discusses this new origin and whether or not it's better to leave his past a mystery. I personally think DC should leave it a mystery. Yeah, it makes for intriguing reading material, but the mystery that surrounds the Joker is one of the main things that make him so damn terrifying. 

If you're not up to date on the Batman series then I suggest you don't watch the video. But if you don't read the comics, and you're just interested to hear what's going on, then by all means check it out!

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