THE JUNTO PRESENTS Season 2 Podcast Begins - "Son of Lightning – Man of God – Bride of Thunder"

If you aren't listening to the podcast The Junto Presents, you're missing out on something awesome! I love this podcast, and I'm happy to have been able to share it here with you on GeekTyrant. It's incredibly well made and it's just good quality entertainment that you'll enjoy. 

They've just launched their second season with a new episode titled "Son of Lightning - Man of God - Bride of Thunder." Here's the synopsis:

Welcome to Season 2 of The Junto Presents! In this episode we broadcast from Junto Labs, a facility at Franklin Manor dedicated to all kinds of scientific exploration, except for “mad science” (they don’t like that term there). We’re kicking things off with a new version of a classic horror tale, just in time for Halloween. So turn off the lights, grab a bag of candy to munch on, and check it out!

If you want to catch up and listen to the first season of the podcast, click here to subscribe to their iTunes.

Brought to you by:
Dreams in the Witch House

Produced by – Robert J. Gibbs
Written by – David Parkin
Directed by – David Parkin & Robert J. Gibbs
Edited by – Timothy Thompson

Rachel Kimsey
Matthew Watterson
The Ghost of Boris Shackleton

Musical Performance by:
Jack Hylton

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