THE LAST JEDI Director Rian Johnson Deletes 20,000 Old Tweets and The Conspiracy Theories Begin

Rian Johnson by Joey Paur


A lot of fans are still reeling from the news of James Gunn being fired after some old inappropriate and offensive Tweets surfaced from years ago. Since then some people like Micheal Rooker have left Twitter.

Recently, director Rian Johnson ended up deleting 20,000 old tweets! That's a lot of tweets and it set off a bunch of online conspiracy theorists wondering if Johnson was trying to hide anything. Some people even think that maybe Disney has issued instructions to the directors they work with to delete their Twitter past to cover up their social media histories.

The Mary Sue posted an article pointing out some of these conspiracy theories and Rian Johnson responded to them saying,

"No official directive at all, and I don’t think I’ve ever tweeted anything that bad. But it’s nine years of stuff written largely off the cuff as ephemera, if trolls scrutinizing it for ammunition is the new normal, this seems like a 'why not?' move."

So, basically, he just deleted all those to be safe and protect himself, which is a smart move. After all, Johnson did piss off a lot of fans with The Last Jedi, so it wouldn't be surprising if one of those disgruntled fans tried to ruin his career. 

Of course, there have been lots of different opinions on Johnson's actions. Some people are defending his common-sense move, while others think there is something much more sinister going on that Johnson is trying to hide.

One thing is for sure, the firing of James Gunn because of old tweets is going to change a lot of things regarding celebrities and social media from here on out. I don't blame anyone that is looking to delete a bunch of past tweets or shut down their accounts. Hollywood is a weird hypocritcal place right now. I guess it kinda always has been. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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