The Latest MY HERO ACADEMIA Popularity Poll Has Announced the Results


I’m new to the world of My Hero Academia, but I’m catching up. That being said, the most recent popularity poll of characters announced its results and I’m baffled. I’m only two seasons into the anime so maybe I’m missing some important growth, but how the heck is Bakugo freaking number 1!?

Bakugo drives me freaking insane and I hate him. At this point, they could kill Bakugo off and I would probably be a little happy because of how annoying he is. That being said, the rest of the results make sense to me. They’re not my picks per se, but they are understandable. Except maybe Best Jeanist. Did he get a cool arc in the manga or do people just like what he did to Bakugo during the internship?

I am really happy to see Yaoyorozu on the list though. She’s one of my favorites. Who would you pick for your top 3? Mine are Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, and either Uraraka, Jiro, or Aizawa.

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