I feel like there are two types of Dungeons & Dragons podcasts: actual play podcasts and podcasts that talk about the meta of the game or tips on playing/DMing. Well, The League of Ultimate Questing (LUQ) is definitely an actual play podcast, it puts a very unique twist on things. You see, LUQ has a DM and players, but then there are also commentators like in sports games and fake ads for crazy in-world products. It’s really quite a trip. It’s also not for everyone. However, they do edit the episodes down to under an hour which makes them a lot shorter than most other actual play podcasts.

The League of Ultimate Questing is an action adventure set in the mysterious world of Macinar. Follow a ragtag team of underdogs as they put their lives on the line, vying for fame and fortune in the Adventure Sport that’s sweeping the Five Kingdoms.

Hilarious Announcer play by play and in-world sponsors set the scene for this one-of-a-kind Dungeons and Dragons meets Major League Sports experience.

The cast is comprised of Law Johnson as the Dungeon Master, Allonte Baraket as Kryst Z’Grande, Zach Barcus as Artyom Volkov, Sam Frost as Arvid Ulfund, and Michael Loving as Haruthakss. As an added bonus, here are the stats for each of the adventurers as well as a picture:


You can find more information and the episodes on their website or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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