THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Is the Best DC Film Since the DARK KNIGHT Trilogy

If you're a fan of the DC brand, then you need to get out there and watch The LEGO Batman Movie! This movie was fantastically made, and it's the best DC film that Warner Bros. has released since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. I've even talked to some people who think it's even better than The Dark Knight Rises

That's right, The LEGO Batman Movie has better story, script, and character development than Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad. The team that made this movie actually has a strong understanding of the Batman and Joker characters, who they are, and their history. They understand what makes them tick.

If the team behind The LEGO Batman Movie can make this kind of movie with such a solidly great story, maybe they should be the ones brought in to develop the actual DCEU further. I was seriously blown away by what this film had to offer.

It was completely action-packed with lots of incredibly funny and adventurous scenes. But the thing that stuck out the most for me were the emotions and motivations of the characters. For a kids movie there were a lot of complex adult issues going on on that the main characters had to deal with. 

Yeah, it was all wrapped up in a fun, over-exaggerated, hilarious animated LEGO package, but it was surprisingly deep, and if you're looking for a great solo Batman movie you don't have to wait for Ben Affleck to put on the cape and cowl again for The Batman. You can go see The LEGO Batman Movie right now and get one hell of a great moviegoing experience that Batman fans are going to love!

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