The Long-Awaited STAR WARS-Inspired Film 5-25-77 Gets a New Trailer and Release Date!

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of this Star Wars-inspired film 5-25-77. The film comes from director Patrick Reed Johnson who has been working on the movie for well over a decade. This movie is a true love letter to Star Wars as it tells a coming-of-age drama story that centers on a teenage movie geek played by John Francis Daley (Freaks and Geeks)whose life is changed by George Lucas' classic sci-fi fantasy film. This is an autobiographical movie about the director's own experience of how Star Wars affected him. 

Today we have a great new trailer for you to watch and it's also been announced that 5-25-77 will be released in theaters on 5-25-17. Seems like an appropriate release date! It's crazy to see that after all these years this movie is actually going to get released. It's just another example of how anything is possible if you never give up, and I congratulate Johnson and his team on actually pulling it off! It's pretty exciting! 

There have been screenings featuring early cuts of the film over the years and it's always been met with positive reviews. I've never seen any of these early cuts, but this is a movie I've been wanting to see even since I first heard about it! Over the years it's become the stuff of legend!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away—or rather, in early-’70s Wadsworth, Illinois—Pat, a teenage geek with a big imagination, devoted his spare time and excess energy to concocting supremely amateur “sequels” to the genre cinema of the day. With his backyard and basement standing in for a Hollywood studio, he set the sights of his Super-8 on his own visions of JAWS, PLANET OF THE APES, DUEL and of course the catalyst for his crazed creativity, 2001: A SPACE ODDYSEY. His best pal Bill doesn’t entirely share his raging passion but he’s perfectly game to have his arm torn off or heart ripped out in the name of homemade sci-fi cinema—and be Pat’s comrade in discovering the delights and disasters of an average adolescent’s life. But such lives, even those in ordinary Wadsworth, have their dramatic defining moments. Pat’s arrives in a chance opportunity to visit Hollywood and while there, meet with special effects maestro Douglas Trumbull. Along that path, however, lies a fateful detour… an audience with the young, rising director Steven Spielberg, a journey through the guts of Industrial Light & Magic in its infancy, and an encounter with one George Lucas as he manically mixes up a little space-opera movie that would soon shake the foundations of cinematic art and business…

Enjoy the new trailer below thanks to AICN:

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