The MEGA MAN Animated Series is Coming to Cartoon Network

I have always loved Mega Man. He is my Hero. When it was announced almost a year ago that they would be making a new animated series based on him, I was pumped. Well, it's now officially coming to America. The series was bought by Cartoon Network.

DHX Media has signed a deal with the popular television network to air the animated show in the United States. The show will focus on Aki Light, your average robot schoolboy who can transform into MEGA MAN! The show will also feature Mega Man's Dog Rush as well as bringing back other classic characters while still introducing new ones. DHX Media executive had this to say about the deal:

We are thrilled that Cartoon Network has picked up the new Mega Man series for its U.S. viewers. We believe Mega Man's incredible heritage and proven-popularity also positions the brand extremely well for longer term consumer product opportunities.

The 26 episode series will be released sometime late 2017 with production starting this summer. I'm so glad that it's found a home here in America. Now hopefully we might get some new games to come along with the show!

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