The Minecraft Version of GAME OF THRONES' Westeros is More Impressive Than Ever

A couple of years ago, we featured a video of the Game of Thrones continent of Westeros as created in the game Minecraft. But now, the creators of that video are back with an update, and while we've been letting time pass like a bunch of time-wasters, they've been hard at work building a bigger and more detailed version of Westeros. WesterosCraft, as they call it, is a block-by-block recreation built by a community of thousands of people, and in this new video (narrated by Bran Stark himself, Isaac Hempstead-Wright), we get a great look at exactly how far they've come. It's a stunning achievement, and a testament to the idea of a group of people finding common interests online and creating something breathtaking. They're not quite done yet, but things are looking pretty damn impressive so far.

H/T: Uproxx