The "Mountain of Hell" 2019 Glacier Bike Race Results In a Totally Epic Wipe Out!


For those of you who have never heard of the “Mountain of Hell” bike race, it takes place in Les Deux Alpes, France and it starts out with “a terrifying descent down a glacier". As you might imagine, this isn’t safe! I mean, the name “Mountain of Hell” says it all!

Well, we have a video here showing you the start of the race and before the race even really begins, everything that could possibly go wrong, does. One guy ends up wiping out and and then it starts a chain reaction of madness resulting in so many people crashing and sliding all over the place!

The end result is a lot of participants who ended up with bruises and broken bones wondering what the hell just happened! They are also probably thinking about what made them want to sign up and be a part of this insane “Mountain of Hell” race in the first place!

Enjoy the pandemonium in the video below!

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