THE MUPPETS Series 10 Minute Pilot Pitch is Online to Watch Now

For those interested in The Muppets, this is something you should check out. ABC just released The Muppets video that was given to them as a pitch for the series. It is only about 10 minutes long and shows a lot of heart. After it was announced that there was a pitch video developed, a lot of people have apparently been clamoring to see it. Well, ABC has given in and people can now watch it. Check it out below.

All in all, I think the video shows promise. It has some funny parts. It is a little slow to begin with, but I think it should pick up speed once it actually gets going. The celebrity cameos are certainly the best part. It feels like it could be the next 30 Rock if it's smart. Taking behind the scenes of a series and making jokes on it. As a huge fan of 30 Rock, I couldn't be more excited. The biggest thing this Muppet series can do is be bold with its decisions. It feels like it's walking on eggshells and making the jokes we expect. It needs to find its voice and stick with it. This presentation is a good taste of what we can expect, and I'll be watching the series when it premieres this fall on September 22nd.

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