The Nerf Gun for Your Inner Manchild Fires a 70 MPH Foam Ball!

VideosToy Nerf by Drew Lawrence

Nerf is my jam! I've been playing with Nerf guns since I was a kid. Running through my backyard, slipping on dirt and jumping off the porch all to avoid being hit by those foam darts. Today, Nerf has been making some amazing new products that makes the kid in me cry with envy. Have you seen some of these things?! The new Mega Dart line is my favorite, and I think that's because  Nerf is aware of its target demographic getting older. When I saw the new Rival line over at Gizmodo's Toyland it just proved that point. These things are streamlined, no unnecessary frills. They almost seem boring until you shoot a 70 MPH foam ball out of it! The minimum age is 15. 15! This ain't no baby toy! 14-year-olds and younger WILL CRY if hit.

The Zeus MXV-1200 is rocking a motor launcher that's powered by 6 C-cell batteries. You read correctly — Nerf is not messing around. If you want to rocket 12 dense foam balls at your opponents as fast as you can pull the trigger. You're gonna have to make some financial sacrifices. At $50, this thing is an investment in awesome. The Apollo XV-700 offers the same ammo type and promised velocity but at half the price. So if you have the forearm strength and luxury of time to pull a bolt back for every shot, then the Apollo will work for you. So put on your grown up pants and head over to the toy store, cause you got some fun to have. 

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