The New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Reveals New Mutants and Cast Members Including IT Star Bill Skarsgard

The Deadpool 2 trailer was unleashed on the world earlier today and the fans rejoiced with how amazing it was! It was packed full of all kinds of incredibly fun stuff and I can't wait to see more of the film. 

One of the things that the trailer offers us is a first good look at several of the new mutants that make up the X-Force team and the actors who play them. We've got Terry Crews who is most likely playing George Washington Bridge, Shioli Kutsuna who could be playing Surge, and it looks like IT star Bill Skarsgard may be playing Zeitgeist. Then we saw what Julian Dennison's mutant character is capable of.

Below you'll find a breakdown of who these actors might be playing. There's no confirmation that these are the characters the actors will be playing, but judging from what we are seeing these are my best guesses. Read over them and then let me know who you think these characters are. 

It's been rumored for awhile that Terry Crews would be playing George Washington Bridge. The character has had a history with Deadpool as both friend and foe. He was also a member of Cable's mercenary group called the Wild Pack, which was later known as the Six Pack. It will be interesting to see how this character's story arc will play out over the course of the film


It looks like Shioli Kutsuna could be taking on the role of Surge, who is another member of the X-Men. She's more of an obscure character in the comics who has the Ability to absorb electricity and rechannel it into speed and offensive bursts. She uses a pair of power gauntlets to control her electrical intake and discharge. In the movie, it looks like she'll be able to channel her abilities through a variety of weapons, which will make her even more kickass.

It's hard to place who exactly Bill Skarsgard will be playing but his involvement was a complete surprise. There's a good chance he could be taking on the role of Zeitgeist, who is an obscure member of X-Force that has the ability to spew gelatinous energized ooze from his mouth cavity. The discharged ooze could eat through or dissolve almost any substance in the world. Sounds like the kind of mutant power that Deadpool could have a lot of fun with!

Then there's Julian Dennison's character who seems to have a powerful fire-based mutant powers. We still don't know for sure who is actually playing but it's been speculated by a few outlets that he could be Thunderbird. In the comics, the character was from India but they could have changed it up and made him a young Maori kid. One thing is for sure, and that is that Cable is out to kill him!

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