The New Mr. Fantastic Character Design in Marvel Comics' FANTASTIC FOUR Looks Like John Krasinski!

When Marvel Studio got the rights back to Fantastic Four, a lot of fans started talking about how much they would want to see John Krasinski in the role Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic.

While it’s still way too early to tell what Marvel is looking to do with these characters, it looks like Marvel Comics wouldn’t mind seeing Krasinki being cast in the role as well. They just changed up the design of the character for Marvel's War of the Realms #3 and as you can see, he looks a lot like The Office and A Quiet Place actor.

The redesign of the character comes from artist Russell Dauterman. Can you see the resemblance it has to Krasinski?

One day Reed Richards will join the MCU with the rest of the Fantastic Four and I can’t wait to see when and how that happens and who will ultimately play him.

Here's the synopsis for Marvel's War of the Realms #3:

"RECLAIM THE REALMS! North America freezes into New Jotunheim. Europe becomes New Svartalfheim. Asia goes up in flames as the new domain of Queen Sindr and her fire goblins. Ulik the Troll lays claim to Australia while Amora the Enchantress raises an army of the dead in South America. Africa falls to the Angels of Heven while Roxxon Oil drops its stakes in Antarctica. Midgard now belongs to Malekith and his allies! The Avengers’ last hope lies in a series of suicide missions across the realms, starting with the rescue of Thor—last seen surrounded by an army of Frost Giants in Jotunheim."

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