THE NEW MUTANTS X-Men Spinoff Film Finds a Director

Fox has hired The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone to co-write and direct The New Mutants, which is described by Deadline as a standalone spinoff that will expand the X-Men movie universe.

The New Mutants were created for Marvel by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod, and the characters first appeared in 1982. A year later, they got their own comic book. The team was comprised of a group of young teenage mutants training at Professor X's school of the gifted. 

There are a lot of characters that were introduced in the series, including Deadpool, so maybe there's a chance he will play a role in whatever story that Boone and the studio decide to tell. There's no information on what that story will be, but it will consist of a younger team of mutants seeing some action. 

Here are a few members of the most recent team of New Mutants:

Cannonball - (Samuel Guthrie), a mild-mannered Kentuckian and eventual co-leader, who became nigh-invulnerable when rocketing through the air.
Karma - (Xi'an Coy Manh), a 19-year-old Vietnamese girl and the team's original leader, who could mentally possess other people's bodies.
Magma - (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla), a fiercely tempered native of a secret Roman society in the Amazon who can control lava.
Mirage - (Danielle Moonstar, originally codenamed Psyche), a Cheyenne and eventual co-leader after Karma's "death," who could create visual empathic three-dimensional illusions.
Sunspot - (Roberto da Costa), a Brazilian who gained superhuman strength fueled by sunlight and could store solar energy in his body to use his super strength during the night.

It will be interesting to see what characters they actually end up using in the upcoming film. Boone will co-write alongside Knate Gwaltney, and the movie will be produced by Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner. Kinberg had this to say in a statement:

"We’re so excited to explore this new part of the X-Men universe, and so excited to do it with Josh, who is uniquely suited to tell this story about young characters."

It's not clear on whether or not The New Mutants will directly tie in with the other X-Men films. 

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