The New TICK Series Will Be “Darker and More Grounded”

As we’ve already learned, The Tick is going to make a big comeback as a live action series for Amazon. The big blue hero will be played by Peter Serafinowicz, and he will be joined by Griffin Newman (Vinyl) who will play Arthur Everest and Valorie Curry (House of Lies, The Following) who will play his sister, Dot Everest. 

I’ve really been looking forward to seeing how they tackle this new series, and thanks to creator Ben Edlund, we now know what the tone of the series will be. While talking to EW about it, he explains that it will be darker and more grounded:

“We’ve got this show about superheroes [where] we get to have fun with the idea of superheroes by starting with kind of a comedic parody of [an] event-oriented-like universe. It will be darker and more grounded. And it’s going to have a real story, a real hero’s myth. We’re the ones that get to have fun with it and that’s kind of the situation where right now that’s an open field in this area of entertainment.”

The Tick is such a hilarious and unique superhero. I’ve alway imagined that if he teamed up with Deadpool the world would implode. When Edlund talks about making the series darker and more grounded, you have to realize that that is the direction that superhero films are going in general, and The Tick is a superhero satire so it makes sense to take it in that direction. Don’t worry, The Tick will still retain his hysterical humor! The dark aspect of it will probably make it even funnier. Amazon exec Joe Lewis talked about The Tick and how unique he is compared to other superheroes:

“It feels like on one hand you can say the superhero landscape is crowded but I think over the last two decades of it there’s nothing else like The Tick. I feel like it has found this unique place where it’s long existed as a satire and I thought that we had the possibility here to do something really different — something that’s filled with satire but also true to action-comedies and superhero comedies.”

The series has everything it needs to be great, and I’m actually going to finally get myself an Amazon Prime account so I can watch it. Talking about the goal of the series, Edlund added:

“I think we are shooting for kind of a really interesting goal, which is the sort of superhero comedy that you keep wanting to come back to. So we are going to try and land an amazing airplane here. But I think so far we are just building this fantastic siege engine that’s going to attack your heart.”

Sounds good to me! I’m really pumped up about this, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. It sounds like they are are the right track, though! Transcendence director Wally Pfister is set to helm the pilot.

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