THE NOSTALGIST Is an Incredible Sci-Fi Short Based on a Story by ROBOPOCALYPSE Author

Videos Short Film by Joey Paur

I’ve got a wonderfully made sci-fi short for you to watch today called "The Nostalgist." It centers on a father and son who live in an idyllic future, but their reality is not what is seems. The movie was directed by Giacomo Cimini, and it’s based on a short story written by Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson. Here’s the official description of the story:

In the futuristic city of Vanille, with properly tuned ImmerSyst Eyes & Ears the world can look and sound like a paradise. But the life of a father and his young son threatens to disintegrate when the father's device begins to fail. Desperate to avoid facing his traumatic reality, the man must venture outside to find a replacement, into a city where violence and danger lurk beneath a beautiful but fragile veneer…

Not only is the story solid, but so is the beautiful production design, visual effects, and cinematography. This is an all-around great short film that is heartfelt, intense, and engaging. I hope you all enjoy it.

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