THE OFFICE Will Be Streaming Exclusively on NBCUniversal Beginning 2021


You know how sometimes you scroll through all the corners of Netflix just to land back on The Office again because you know you’ll enjoy it and you just want something great that you don’t have to think too much about? Well, get that out of your system in the next 18 months or resign yourself to the fact that you’ll need to subscribe to yet another streaming service come 2021.

In the battle for The Office rights, its home network won out, but Netflix sure did put up a fight. They offered $90 million per year to keep the series in its current place, but NBC upped the bid to $100 million per year. That’s pretty freaking crazy! But that’s just how valuable the series is, as it’s watched by millions each year.

Is The Office enough for you to make the jump to the NBC Universal Streaming service, or will you waiting to see what else they have to offer first?

via: Variety

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