The Original Theatrical STAR WARS Trilogy Will Never Get an HD Rerelease Because of George Lucas


After the deal between Disney and Fox closed, some Star Wars fans wondered if that means that now there would be a bigger possibility of seeing the original theatrical versions of the Star Wars trilogy get a high-definition home entertainment release.

Fans have been wanting to see this happen for years! There have been rumors in the past, but it turns out that it may never happen. After George Lucas released the "Special Edition" Star Wars trilogy, he never wanted the original theatrical versions of the film to see the light of day again.

Pablo Hidalgo, who serves as a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group, took to Twitter to address the big question and he says that the issue surrounding an HD release of the films isn't related to the legal rights that the studios have. Basically, George Lucas doesn't want them re-released and the studios are honoring that.

When asked what the hold up was on the release, he said:

That's a shame! Fans would absolutely love to see those original films get an HD rerelease. Do you think Lucas will ever change his mind? I wonder why he's being stubborn about this. I understand that their are flaws, but a lot of fans still prefer them over the "Special Edition" films!

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